The Sleepwalkers’ Ballad

The Sleepwalkers’ Ballad: Memories of the Revolution

English Edition.

Books-The Sleepwalkers Ballad

The Sleepwalkers’ Ballad is more than a traditional narrative, more than a collective of brief stories, and more than a manual of history in the academic style. It is a living portrayal of facts erupting into the political and artistic arenas, enriched by the fusion of elements of history and fictional dramatizations of actual events that come to life through the plot of the story and the experiences of the writer.

The author does not use rhetorical arguments, but tells the story through the lives and confrontations that face the human beings who are her characters, whose essence she conveys, allowing us, the readers, to see them living and acting in their environments, using their actions and dialogue as the means to show their personas, ideas, and feelings. Hence, the reader can empathize and identify with the characters instead of remaining outside of the story as a distant spectator.

The striking use of dialogue by the author, coupled with her experiences as a member of the clandestine Movement MRR during the period portrayed in this book, gives strength to the plot and emphasizes the realistic elements that permeate the story. This work, which takes place against the backdrop of historic events in Cuba, has an unusually dramatic impact, which is evident from the very first scene. This is a book that presents us with human beings driven by their passions, flaws, virtues, capacity for acts of courage, immense love, strong convictions, integrity or lack thereof, weaknesses, strengths, and the willingness to sacrifice themselves for their ideals. By the use of very direct and dynamic dialogue, the author skillfully maintains the interest of the reader and constantly moves the script forward.

The Sleepwalkers’ Ballad is a book as personal as a book can be, and as indispensable as others should be, serving as a testament to our past, and a bridge to our future.

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